Cable TV & Phone Lines

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Prompt Cable TV Installation and Phone Line Services

Interested in installing a new cable TV connection or upgrading your existing one? Get in touch with SNG Electric & Home Maintenance, Inc for exceptional cable installation and phone line services.

Whether you are planning to upgrade your cable TV connection or your phone line, our professionals have got your needs covered. You can rely on our prompt, friendly, and responsive customer service in Canastota, NY.

We will quickly install your cable TV connection. You can also get wall mounted cable jacks. This way, you can remove extra wires from running on your floor and keep your home safer and cleaner.

If you want to get phone lines or computer lines installed, call us immediately. We use Cat 5 cable and jacks to ensure proper functioning. You can also call us for 24-hour emergency services. Call us today for FREE estimates!
Phone line

A Variety of Cable TV and Phone Line Services

  • New cable installation
  • Wall mounted cable jack installation
  • Phone line installation
  • Computer line installation
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Call us at 315-761-7477.
We offer services at competitive prices.
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